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27th June 2017

A range of female experts visited the School last week to talk to girls about the broad and varied range of careers that can lead on from studying A Levels in the STEM subjects.

It was part of a Product Design and Engineering for Girls Day and the speakers came from a range of companies including Rolls Royce, Seymour Powell and Marshall Land Defence Systems. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Two Seniors, Ada Lo (pictured below) and Steph Robinson, spoke about their A Level choices at Benenden which included the Sciences, Maths, D&T and English, and how this mixed approach has provided them with a really broad skill set which makes them highly competitive in their respective fields of Engineering Design and Systems Management.

Highworth Grammar, Claremont and Dulwich schools also attended, bringing 40 girls with them, and they said that their girls were fascinated and loved the experience and insight into such ‘futures’ technology.

A Materials Science lecture concluded the afternoon, and drew together the materials science basis between the fields the presenters came from, this was for Benenden Six One girls from Design & Technology, Biology and Chemistry. It was delivered by Dr Diane Aston and she covered a diverse range of materials from biological implants, joint replacements, SMART materials, artificial aortic valve stent replacements made from polyester fibre and the super lightweight materials for jet engine turbine blades and carbon fibre rotor blades for helicopters.