Provisional Term Dates 2019 to 2021

The School thought it would be helpful for planning purposes to set out provisional term dates for the next five years and more importantly, to explain to parents our model and what we are trying to achieve. We also thought it would be useful to understand the constraining factors on setting dates, so that when we deviate from our model or other aims, it is clearly understood why this has been done.

Our ideal model seeks to provide a framework to stretch the girls without stressing them or causing undue tiredness. In our experience, the ideal length of time between exeats and holidays should be three to four weeks, ie we seek to avoid a girl being in school for more than three consecutive weekends (we break this rule in the summer due to outgoing trips and examination leave providing most girls with a break from school).

We have surveyed girls to see where siblings attend schools and there is no pattern. Indeed, overlap with Tonbridge is nowhere near as significant as we expected, so moving forward we will seek to coincide as far as possible with HMC (Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference – effectively the trade body for top independent schools) published term dates, rather than keeping step necessarily with Tonbridge.

Our preferred model will have a 13 week Autumn Term, followed by a 10 week Spring Term and an 11 week Summer Term, with Exeats and Half Terms distributed as evenly as possible. Constraining factors are Oxbridge Entrance Papers (usually the first Wednesday in November), Easter and May and August bank holidays. You will see that these dates will sometimes affect the balance between the Spring and Summer Terms in particular.

We have published provisional dates below and will confirm these a year in advance at the end of each term. Any significant issues should please be brought to my attention at the earliest opportunity.



Monday 7 January                           8.30am                   Staff return

Tuesday 8 January                           5.30pm                   Term Begins

Friday 25 January                           12.30pm                   Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 27 January                          7.30pm                    Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 15 February                          12.30pm                  Half Term Begins

Sunday 24 February                         7.30pm                   Half Term Ends

Friday 15 March                             12.30pm                    Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 17 March                             7.30pm                    Fixed Exeat Ends

Thursday 28 March                          3.30pm                   Term Ends


Monday 22 April - Easter Monday

Tuesday 23 April                             8.30am                     Staff return

Tuesday 23 April                             5.30pm                     Term Begins

Friday 3 May                                   12.30pm                    Fixed Exeat Begins

Monday 6 May                                 7.30pm                     Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 24 May                                 12.30pm                    Half Term Begins

Sunday 2 June                                  7.30pm                     Half Term Ends

Saturday 6 July                                4.30pm                      Term Ends (after Speech Day)


    DATES 2019-2020 (PROVISIONAL)


Monday 2 September                        8.30am                        Staff return

Tuesday 3 September                       2.00pm                        Six Two Students return to School

Tuesday 3 September                       3.30pm                        Six One Students return to School

Wednesday 4 September                  3.00pm                        Current Lower School Students return

                                                          4.00pm                        New Lower School Students return               

Friday 20 September                       12.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 22 September                       7.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 18 October                           12.30pm                        Half Term Begins

Sunday 3 November                         7.30pm                        Half Term Ends

Friday 22 November                       12.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 24 November                       7.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Ends

Thursday 12 December                    3.30pm                        Term Ends


Monday 6 January                            8.30am                         Staff return

Tuesday 7 January                            5.30pm                        Term Begins

Friday 24 January                           12.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 26 January                           7.30pm                         Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 14 February                          12.30pm                        Half Term Begins

Sunday 23 February                          7.30pm                        Half Term Ends

Thursday 19 March                           3.30pm                        Term Ends


Tuesday 14 April                              8.30am                        Staff return

Tuesday 14 April                              5.30pm                        Term Begins

Friday 1 May                                  12.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Begins

Monday 4 May                                 7.30pm                        Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 22 May                                12.30pm                        Half Term Begins

Sunday 31 May                                7.30pm                        Half Term Ends

Saturday 4 July                                 4.30pm                       Term Ends (after Speech Day)



    DATES 2020-2021 (PROVISIONAL)


Monday 7 September                        8.30am                       Staff return

Tuesday 8 September                        2.00pm                      Six Two Students return to School

Tuesday 8 September                        3.30pm                      Six One Students return to School

Wednesday 9 September                   3.00pm                      Current Lower School Students return

                                                           4.00pm                      New Lower School Students return               

Friday 25 September                        12.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 27 September                        7.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 16 October                            12.30pm                      Half Term Begins

Sunday 1 November                           7.30pm                      Half Term Ends

Friday 20 November                        12.30pm                       Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 22 November                        7.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Ends

Thursday 17 December                     3.30pm                      Term Ends


Monday 4 January                              8.30am                      Staff return

Tuesday 5 January                              5.30pm                      Term Begins

Friday 22 January                             12.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 24 January                             7.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 12 February                           12.30pm                      Half Term Begins

Sunday 21 February                           7.30pm                      Half Term Ends

Friday 11 March                               12.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Begins

Sunday 13 March                               7.30pm                       Fixed Exeat Ends

Thursday 25 March                            3.30pm                      Term Ends


Monday 19 April                                8.30am                      Staff return

Tuesday 20 April                                5.30pm                      Term Begins

Friday 30 April                                  12.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Begins

Monday 3 May                                     7.30pm                      Fixed Exeat Ends

Friday 28 May                                     12.30pm                     Half Term Begins

Sunday 6 June                                       7.30pm                     Half Term Ends

Saturday 10 July                                   4.30pm                     Term Ends (after Speech Day)