Sixth Form Scholarship

Sixth Form Scholarship Entry

For girls normally under the age of 17 on 1 September following the examination.

The examinations are held in the November preceding entry in September.

Closing date for Sixth Form Scholarship applications for September 2018 is 1 September 2017. 

Academic Scholarships

Candidates take three papers: a compulsory general paper (1 1\2 hours) and two papers (each 1 1\2 hours) in subjects which they intend to study at Advanced Level.

Art and Music Scholarships

Candidates are required to show that they have reached the general academic standard required of any entrant by writing two qualifying papers in subjects which they intend to study at Advanced Level.


The examination for the Art Scholarship will consist of one hour on a set-piece drawing followed by an interview based on the candidate's portfolio on which particular emphasis will be placed for evidence of commitment and enthusiasm. 


Candidates should have reached the standard Grade VII (or equivalent) or show great potential. Candidates will be expected to play two contrasting pieces on their First Study, and one on their Second Study. Each candidate will have 15 minutes practice time on her own followed by 15 minutes with her accompanist. Candidates will be required to sight-read a piece, undertake aural tests, be asked questions on their pieces and will be interviewed. There will be a short written examination for those not studying for GCSE music. 

Candidates wishing to be considered for a place even if a Scholarship is not awarded, must be registered for the School in the usual way; others need only enter for the Scholarship examination. 

Scholarship Application Form

It can also be obtained from: Registry, Benenden School, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 4AA Telephone: 01580 240592