Sixth Form

I love the relaxed atmosphere, the room, the freedom.


The Sixth Form is central to Benenden and Founders offers a highly distinctive experience. The 184 Sixth Formers live in single study-bedroom accommodation in one of four House areas - Beeches, Elms, Limes or Oaks. There are four Housemistresses/masters, each student has an Academic Tutor and has additional support from the teaching Deputy Housemistress or Housemaster.

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The Centre has two large common/lecture rooms, group rooms and computer rooms. In addition there is a kitchen for each floor of about ten students. Founders' students learn how to manage their own time and to balance priorities: they become increasingly independent and self-reliant, while establishing a wide network of friendships.

Professional Skills Programme
Find out more about our Professional Skills Programme - our own course that teaches Sixth Form girls practical skills that are vital for the workplace. These include teamworking, having the confidence to turn an idea into a business proposition, giving a business pitch, developing business plans and reading complex financial information.

Over the summer of 2016 the Common Room had a dramatic revamp - the partitioned wall was removed to open the area out into one big space that was completed refurbished. Seating was put in alongside the windows, new comfy chairs added, the room redecorated and the floor sanded. But perhaps the most eye-catching new feature was the new Founders Bar area (shown in the photo below) with its neon sign, coffee machine and kitchen area.

The New Founders Bar

Founders is constantly alive with lectures, debates, rehearsals, tutorial sessions and informal entertaining of younger members of the School. There are also other opportunities for social events, largely organised by the students themselves. These activities combine with formal subject teaching to stimulate discussion, debate, originality, ambition and achievement, enabling students to develop the personal and intellectual skills which will benefit them throughout their lives.

All Sixth Formers have the opportunity to develop their leadership and management abilities and to take responsibility for other people. They remain involved with the rest of the School, continuing as members of their original Houses; new students join one of these Houses on arrival. Some will hold major House posts and all Sixth Formers help in some aspect of running their Houses such as sport, drama, charity fundraising and social events. In addition, Sixth Formers hold the major School and Student Union offices and help to run a wide variety of School teams, societies and activities. Their contribution is fundamental to the successful operation of the School and staff share ideas and responsibility with them as young adults.

Benenden School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students. Each House has a resident Housemistress or Housemaster who is also a member of the teaching staff: he or she is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of each student in the House and directs her curricular programme. The House team also includes a Deputy Housemistress or Housemaster, and a Matron.

In all Houses, Lower School and Sixth Form, the team is complemented further by Relief Matrons, teams of Academic Tutors, the House Domestic Staff and other members of staff who are friends of the House.